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Map showing location of Upper Burdekin Wind Farm in relation to Ingham and Townsville.

We are committed to providing accessible information about the Upper Burdekin Wind Farm to the public.

The Upper Burdekin Wind Farm Fact Centre is a useful resource for scientifically verified information on the project, and addresses key questions we have received through our ongoing consultation activities.

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Artist's impression of Upper Burdekin Wind Farm

The project

Energy that doesn't cost the Earth.

The Upper Burdekin Wind Farm is a proposed renewable energy project capable of providing clean, green power to up to 300,000 Australian homes.

Ideally located on pastoral land within Gugu Badhun country in North Queensland with close proximity to the existing electricity transmission network, the Upper Burdekin Wind Farm is part of Windlab’s commitment to championing Australia’s clean energy transition.

The location

Pastoral land on Gugu Badhun country, about 65km south-west of Ingham, Queensland.

The proposed site provides access to a suitable wind resource and is ideally located near existing infrastructure.

Learn more about our Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) with the Gugu Badhun People below.

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The community

Local collaboration to build a lasting positive legacy.

Our host community are long-term stakeholders in our projects.

We are committed to building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships in the region by working closely with Traditional Owners, providing employment and procurement opportunities and supporting community development initiatives that matter to locals.

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The impacts

Responsible management driven by best-practice, local knowledge and expert advice.

As a responsible operator, we recognise any new development can have an impact, and the utmost care must be taken to protect environmental and community values.

We are committed to working with Traditional Owners, landowners, neighbours, community members, regulatory authorities, experts and partners to deliver meaningful, equitable benefits, and mitigate potential impacts in a way that is backed by science and supported by stakeholders.

Local landscape in Upper Burdekin area.


An Australian company supporting the nation's clean energy transition.

For more than 15 years, we have engaged locals in our projects, respected the needs and wishes of communities and taken pride in driving positive socio-economic outcomes for local people in regional Australia.

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Frequently asked questions

Below are some common questions, view our full FAQ to learn more.

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Why was this location chosen?

In assessing this project site for development, we considered a range of factors, on balance, to determine the sites suitability; primarily:

  • Quality, reliability and nature of the wind resource.
  • Access to existing electrical transmission infrastructure.
  • Our ability to mitigate, minimise, or manage potential project impacts in line with our strict and comprehensive community, corporate and regulatory obligations.

Who is Windlab?

Windlab is a 100% Australian company supporting Australia’s clean energy transition.

For more than 15 years, Windlab has applied Australian-developed, world-leading atmospheric science, modelling and wind energy assessment technology to find, construct and operate the nation’s top wind energy projects.

The communities that host our projects are long-term stakeholders. We respect the needs and wishes of Traditional Owners and communities and take pride in driving positive socio-economic outcomes for local people in regional Australia.

Providing more Australians with access to clean renewables and reducing the nation’s reliance on fossil fuel energy drives what we do. We take our environmental obligations seriously, and we work with experts and partners to minimise our impact and protect environmental values.

Australia’s regions are home to world-leading agricultural and mineral resource industries. Wind captured in these regions presents another valuable, resource, and an opportunity to diversify local economies.

Headquartered in Canberra, Windlab has offices in Brisbane, Queensland and Ararat, Victoria, as well as in South Africa, Kenya and Tanzania, Africa.

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What is the Upper Burdekin Wind Farm?

Windlab’s Upper Burdekin Wind Farm is a proposed wind energy project that will generate up to 500MW of power from about 80 turbines. It will be located on pastoral land within Gugu Badhun country, about 65km south-west of Ingham, Queensland.

Once operational, the project will have the capacity to provide clean, renewable energy to up to 300,000 Australian homes every day. That’s enough energy to power every household in the city of Townsville, three times over.

While the original EPBC referral detailed a 136-turbine layout extensive environmental study work and focussed, iterative consultation with Traditional Owners, landowners, community members, conservation groups and regulatory authorities has resulted in a revised project layout of about 80 turbines.

The revised layout directly addresses the findings of the study work and consultation process undertaken over more than two years and is designed to minimise impact to habitat for key species, reduce habitat fragmentation, address potential cumulative impacts associated with other renewable energy projects in the area, and minimise the visual impact of the project on the Mount Fox community.

Why wind?

Queensland needs more power generation to meet increased demand. Wind is proven technology for energy production.

In most cases wind farms are compatible with existing land use and often coexist alongside farming and agricultural industries.

Power from wind farms can be sold at very competitive rates and this can help keep electricity prices competitive, while supporting Australia’s clean energy transition.

What is the timeframe for delivery of the project?

We are currently in the development phase of the project. During this phase, our focus is on completing a broad range of scientific studies and analysis to build a detailed understanding of all project benefits and impacts.

We’re also working with stakeholders to understand their needs and gather feedback, and this will be used to inform the project design and our engagement approach.

With the support of stakeholders and the local community, construction may commence on the Upper Burdekin Wind Farm about two years after all regulatory approval requirements have been satisfied, and the project has received the ‘green light’ to proceed.

We will prioritise keeping the community informed and providing opportunities for input as we progress through the development approvals process.

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